Specialty Lighting and Industrial Sensors

Our LEDs, photodiodes and customized COB modules are successfully used in specialty lighting, industrial sensors and automation. They reduce the space needed for optoelectronic sensors. The costs for maintenance and operation are low due to long lifetime and low energy consumption. They are ready to use without any delay at start up and tough against mechanical stress. These facts are significant advantages in all applications at any wavelength from 280 nm to 1750 nm.

ApplicationProducts with our LEDs and photodiodes
Positon detection Light grids
Optical encoders
Proximity and retro-reflection area sensors
Process control Optical power monitors
Color and contrast sensors
Analyzer for substances and materialsbr>Flame sensors
Automatic doors and Motion control Light barriers
One-way/reflection light barriers
Machine vision LED illumination at customized wavelengths
Ring lights and backlights
Safety Counterfeit detection
Currency banknote and passport verifying
VIS-NIR illumination in reverse vending machines
Fluorescence, Transmission and Absorption measurement Luminescence Sensors
Optoelectronic Instruments
Spectral photometers
Portable test kits to measure nutrients on the spot

EPIGAP is working together with customers through all phases of their product development with a strong customer focus and as a trusted supplier of proven quality. We consider manufacturing cost, life cycle management and ensure availability of key components during the entire lifetime of their product.

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