Multi wavelength SMD package for medical applications

EPIGAP Optronic multi wavelength smd ceramic

EPIGAP Optronic has extended its product range with multi-wavelength SMDs in ceramic package.

The small design with an edge length of 3 x 3 mm and a height of 1.1 mm is suitable for mounting up to 4 LED chips of different wavelengths. The larger design with 5 x 5 x 1.1 mm offers the possibility to integrate up to 6 different LED chips. When selecting the LED chips, we take the requirements of the application into account. Wavelengths starting in the UV range from 355nm, the visible range and up to the near infrared (max. 1650nm) are available. The LED chips are protected with optically transparent potting material such as silicone or epoxy resin. Due to the construction in a ceramic housing, thermal influences on the measuring accuracy can be minimized.

The multi-wavelength SMDs have a solderable rear side and can therefore be processed easily. They offer a reliable and flexible platform for a wide range of analytical measurement procedures, such as for the diagnosis of vital functions or food monitoring.




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